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Headquartered in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh with Corporate Office in Haldwani, ALLIES IN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (AIDF) was incorporated as a Section 8 Company on 29th June 2021.

Initiated by professionals having experience of more than twenty years each, AIDF strongly believes that the challenge of inclusive growth in India, firstly, cannot be met by the government only, but requires convergence of efforts of government, corporate, NGOs and the society itself. Secondly, these efforts be directed towards improving four attributes of ‘Inclusive Growth’ i.e. Opportunity, Capability, Access and Security in  helping deprived communities reach their goals and fulfil their potential.

Presently, AIDF is working on key issues of affordable healthcare, facilitating employment, and biodiversity conservation.... 

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What we do?

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Affordable Healthcare

Affordability, access and convenience are the biggest obstacles for people, specially the poor to avail healthcare services. Through a corporate tie up we are providing affordable healthcare services in the state of Uttarakhand

Facilitating Employment

Amidst the prevailing COVID- 19 situation, employment opportunities have shrunk drastically across India. We are acting as bridge between the corporate employers and the unemployed skilled/ unskilled youth of Uttarakhand, helping them to get employment opportunities in various sectors. .

Water Conservation

Due to lack of water and shrinking of natural water sources in Uttarakhand, people in the villages are forced to abandon agriculture, and migrate to other states for livelihoods. We are working with the village communities to restore natural sources of water, and deploying mechanisms to conserve water. 


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